Setup Process

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Important Events

<a href="https://www.mt5.com/">Forex portal</a>

Setup Process


You need to install and run the MetaTrader 4, expert adviser must be attached to Chart. All necessary options must be checked, allowing adviser to trade. While trading computer must have a stable connection to server.

The File by default, where kept experts, which MetaTrader 4 must find at start:

“C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\experts“

Experts in editable form (source code) have an extension mq4.

Example: expert.mq4

Experts in compiled form (source code of expert translated in computer code) – such as OUR files, have an extension ex4.

Example: expert.ex4

In the new version of the MT-4 terminal (build 600) the catalogue for indicators and advisers has been changed. To find out a way to the catalogue to place the adviser …. Read more>>

After you put EA (for example – Expert.ex4) in folder \experts, it will be necessary to re-run MetaTrader 4, therefor that MT has found a new expert.If all of this are done, and it is correct, that expert will come up for list as on drawing:

Hereinafter necessary to attach the expert to chart and in dialogue window to include the necessary options:

The last necessary is to allow trade by pressing on button at MT panel (top-left) :

If all are done true, up-right corner of chart will appear the symbol of the smile like this :

EAs does NOT run WITHOUT installed MT4 platform !

They run ONLY UNDER MT4.