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Setup Process

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Setup Process


To use any Forex Expert Advisors, you need to install and run MetaTrader 4 (MT4-terminal). Expert Advisor should be integrated into the MT4-terminal and attached to the chart.  It is necessary to check all the necessary parameters to allow EA to trade. Your computer must have a stable connection to the server and should be OnLine.


A few simple steps to integrate Expert Advisor into MT4-terminal:

– Launch your MT4-terminal

– Press “F4” on the keyboard to open the Meta Editor

– In the opened window of Meta Editor open “Navigator

– Click on the “Experts” folder with the right mouse button and select “Open folder“.


The window with your Experts will open


– Put the file “… .ex4” to this folder

– Сlose this window and Meta Editor

– Restart your MetaTrader 4

– In your MetaTrader 4 click: Tools > Options


– Choose a bookmark – “Expert Advisors”

– The following boxes should be ticked:


Press “OK”.


– From the left party of your MT4-terminal you can see window “NAVIGATOR”

– Here, in bookmark “EXPERT ADVISORS” you find your adviser

– Click on Expert double


– In the opened window the following boxes there should be ticked:


Press “OK”.


If all is done correct, in a right top corner of the chart you will see smile like this:


If this smile sad – check up that the button “Auto Trading” has been “Switched On” (at the top of the terminal) .


How to use multiple Forex EAs in one MT4-terminal

EAs does NOT run WITHOUT installed MT4 platform !

They run ONLY UNDER MT4.

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