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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to I get this EA after payment?

– You receive the adviser via email not later than 24 hours after payment (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays) .

What is minimum required deposit to start trading using your EA?

– You can start with 1500 $, but we recommend to begin with 2000 $ (mini-Forex) or 300 USD for EACH EA – if your broker allows MICROLOTS (0.01 LOTS).

Are there any time restrictions for purchased expert advisors?

– Purchased expert advisors will never expire.

I never used MT4 and don’t know how to use EAs. Can you help me?

– Sure.  All our clients will receive instruction how to use EA.

Can I run the EA on more than one forex account?

– Yes. You can run the EA on more than one account.

I am in Central Standard Time (CST) zone are the EAs set for my time zone?

– Every EA will work in all time zones, there is no need to change any clock settings on the computer.

What is your return policy ?

Please refer to ”Rules” section.

Is there a monthly charge for this system ?

– This is not monthly subscription or trial version. After your purchasing EA will be yours for a lifetime. One time purchase includes product download, unlimited use, free upgrades and support.

Which broker can I use ?

– Any broker can be used as long as it is compatible with metatrader 4.

Is there any special experience I need to trade this system ?

– No, there is no experience required, all that is required is the ability to follow a few simple instructions to set up the system then sit back while the system trades automatically for you.

Is the system completely automated or will I have to place the trades/orders ?

– The system is completely automated, there is no manual intervention required.

What are the risks with forex trading ?

– There is always a risk with forex trading and there is always a potential for loss but our systems has been tested rigorously and shows good performance.

The advisor works with all currency pairs or only with GBPUSD ?

– Yes. But we trade EUR/USD only. Other currency pairs were not tested.

I did not obtain to open the archives. A box opens and says that it does not have has supported to this type of archive or, it was damaged, sent as attached of email and it was not decoded correctly.

– It not archive. It is a usual executed file. Put the file “….ex4″ to this directory: C:\Program Files\MT 4\experts.  Start or Restart MT4.

Can I modify TP and Period of Sniper EA to reflect the same settings as Argo EA?

– Such parameters have been received as a result of optimization. We cannot guarantee anything if you change INPUTS in the adviser.

Attached are the results of Back Test. As you can see, they are not good at all, not nearly as good as was advertised. This system is not a good system. I am not happy at all and I wish to get a refund. According to the results of the backtest, a person would have to be crazy to risk real money on this system.

– Modelling quality 65.45% and 24.95% ? You have not the qualitative historical data! Modelling quality should be not less than 90% ! Otherwise it is impossible to trust results of the test!

My EA file located in expert advisers is gray. It is not green and yellow like the one on your computer monitor. This means that the expert cannot be used. I think that the expert file you sent me was corrupted. Please send me a new adviser .

– All is correct.

 There are two types of files of this type: “….ex4″ and “….mq4″ .

 If you receive a file with expansion “… mq4” – you can open this file with Meta Editor, look a code, change a code and a name of the adviser, etc.

 We have sent you a file “… ex4“. You can use this file only as the adviser.

 You cannot look or change a code (or a name) the adviser.

 In a window “Navigator” such files are shown by grey color.

 It does not influence in any way functions of the adviser, but it is protection against duplicating piracy copies.

I set it up the EA on my MT4 this morning. I could not have time to test it before. But, it’s running in autotrade mode since at least one hour and nothing happend, no trade… Please, would you like to help me and let me know what to do to make this advisor working ?

– If you make all correctly, you do not have reasons to worry. The adviser waits for a signal for opening a position. Your computer and the Internet should be always “OnLine”.

We have had your program running on a real investment now for about 2 months. We are happy with what it is doing. It seems to be doing a good job for us. Have you made any updates ?

– Each new update you receive automatic via email.

I backtested Your EA for the year 2012. Lost all money before May (statement attached). Why does this EA not make money before your backtest? Will this EA work in future ?

– We understand your anxiety. However:

 Periodic optimization is necessary for each Adviser. If to use optimization more than for six months – you will have more stable result, however your profit will be minimal. In our opinion – it is not professional . Only regular optimization will give you the maximal profit. You can make it self or to receive from us free-of-charge updating of this adviser.

I still have more questions how do I contact you ?

– Please go to the contact page and submit a request. We will normally reply within 24 hours.

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