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Trading signals

Trading multiple currency pairs is less risky and more profitable.
The portfolio of currencies can be changed depending on the preferences of the trader and the liquidity of the currency in a particular period of time.

Our Forex Signals are designed to help you make the most of trading opportunities and see success in the Forex market. Get accurate trade entries, stop-loss and take-profit levels, and a complete overview of all trades with our automatic Forex Signals on Telegram. Start trading with confidence and increase your profits today!

Used Time Zone (GMT): +1
(Central European Time)

🟢 BUY      🔴 SELL

How to use

  • signals are based on intraday trading and are valid for several hours after publication.
  • Buy at” and “Sell at” should be understood as instant execution, as well as a Limit order from this level.
  • Stop Loss – according to your trading preferences.
  • In case of a drawdown of one of the pairs, but with a positive overall balance, you can perform a multi-closing of all orders.