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Help to Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, Russia has been waging a brutal and unjustified war against Ukraine, leaving behind death, destruction of civilian facilities and suffering of the civilian population.

We cannot stop this madness, but we donate 50% of each sale to help Ukrainians who find themselves in a difficult life situation due to the war.

However, as you know, help is never enough and now we invite you to join our noble cause.
Let’s unite our efforts and demonstrate our readiness to support and help those who are in trouble.

Your donations will help provide needed medical care, provide food and humanitarian aid, and help rebuild shattered lives and every coin you donate will be of great value to those who have lost everything due to the war.

Make your donation now or contact us for other ways to help and no matter the amount, your participation and support is important and will make a difference.

Let’s show the world that even in difficult times we can be kind and take care of each other.
Together we can help those affected overcome difficulties and give hope to those who need our help.

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Donation for Ukraine

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