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EA Argo

Forex Expert Advisor

The trade algorithm of this advisor bases on completely new trading strategy and now we can say :

It is an Expert of New Generation which will give you constant and stable profit for long time.

Efficiency & Price

Updated: 2021 November, 6

Symbol: EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)

Time Frame: 30 Minutes (M30)

Initial deposit: 300 USD

Total net profit: 15 109.25 USD (2021.05.03-2021.11.06)

Profit factor: 557.31

Total trades: 106

Profit trades(% of total): 96.23%

Price: 99.95 EUR 49.95 EUR


Detailed statement (MM)


Detailed statement (Fixed Lots)



Profit for the last 6 months


✅ It is very simple in use!
✅ It is effective to use in either a standard, mini or MICRO Forex account and for 4- or 5-digits broker!
✅ EASY to Get Started – you can start to work with this trading system at as soon as received !
✅ It is completely automated system !!!
✅ 95% profitable trades.

✅ Opening, modifies and closing of orders carried out automatically – does not demand your help.

✅ Tested to withstand computer restarts, power outages, and connection losses. If any of these issues where to happen the Expert Advisor will continue to run where it left off .

✅ Automatic calculation of the size of a position. Risk can be adjusted and this gives to traders greater flexibility and peace of mind .
✅ Can trade fixed lots also

✅ Has unique “Magic Number”.It means: you can use more than one our adviser in one trading account !!!
✅ 3x different TimeFrames is used for the analysis
✅ To the classical technical analysis the analysis of divergence and dynamic levels of support/resistance is added
✅ Full adaptation with the ECN-brokers
✅ Minimal deposit – from 300 USD.

Money Management

The adviser can run with fixed size of a position (Fixed Lots) or can use automatic Money Management (MM).

By default is used automatic Money Management with “RISK=5″.

The increase in these values – will increase your profit as well as will increase risks of your trade.

Therefore, if you are not sure – use please our advisers with parameters by default as in this case your risks will be balanced.

  • No monthly fee!
  • You are buying an unlimited version.
  • There are no further fees !
  • EA costumers will be updated free of charge as soon as new versions are released.
  • EA with instructions will be send  via email within 24 hours after payment (in business time only).